Hello world :)

The operator had some dyslexia 😉
so for the clegyrboia-blog please click :




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A writing LandArtist
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5 Responses to Hello world :)

  1. asta199 says:

    Fancy that- I didn’t know Eucaluptus grew in Wales. What kind of landart do you do? I love landart, so I can’t wait to see where you go with this blog!

    • clegrboia says:


      There are over 700 different varieties of Eucalyptus and few can grow in Wales. The Eucalyptus who come from Tasmania are doing real good in Wales but not all.

      I do different kind of land-art this blog is mainly about the land-art i made on my plot of land but i will post also photos of some my beach-art i make. All beach-art is gone i make them while low tide and let the tide take it away again.

  2. what is the story of a wild transgression, how is your writing going, can we see a sample of the story, i once knew a relatively famous artist from wales, roy slade, heard of him?

    • clegrboia says:


      The field was in 2002 just an agricultural field where potatoes did grow that season. It was intensively farmed with chemicals and was when i bought it totally bare soil, sad soil with no wildlife at all. The idea was to bring back a balance a natural balance bring back the wild next to planting the tame. The rocks that came out of the soil i used in land-art making responses to the surrounding environment. It became a creative expression.
      There are 9 small circles and one large circle made on the bare land each telling a story. I wrote lots of poems and made photos and did work more from my feeling than from thinking i had no plan it just evolved.

      The wild could do her own thing, was “allowed” to come in. You can see a different kind of development one that i intended but still surprise me all the time. I wrote a book about the initial making. In 2003 i had my first exhibition about the land-art now i am using old photos from this exhibition and even earlier photos and showing how it is now. Writing about the surprises and how it developed in parts whitout any human intervention. I post them under the heading land-art. I am still new to this blog-writing, so learning while doing.
      I will post more of these stories of some of the circles the dwindling of the art creating her own beauty.

      No i had not heard of Roy Slate but i do now, had a look on the internet and see he is a painter and a teacher.

      Thank you for the reply.

  3. cb: i love what you are doing, i could not find my way around your blog before, i am new to blogging also, i am curious to see the original. why did some not appreciate what you were doing? did they think it should be farmed, i assume you have seen the work of andy goldsworthy, i love his work, an interesting artist , Kevin Doughterty, recently built a willow work here in sun valley, he has work online, you might like it. keep up the good work

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